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Please forward aerodynamics in cars pdf download error screen to sharedip-10718048109. Which bike looks more comfortable to you? 2011 Bike: Equally efficient, but way more comfortable, the Delta-11 is the BLUE line on the chart below. 2009 Bike: Efficiency comes at the price of comfort with the Racing tuck.

RED line on the chart below. In 2012, the Motorcycle Industry Council published several good papers on how to calculate range and top speed of electric motorcycles. These articles contain good information around the subject of motorcycle efficiency. An excellent paper on calculating Electric Motorcycle Top Speed that includes some benchmarks about how much raw power is required to push an electric motorcycle down the road with formulas to calculate the sources of drag. Luigi Taveri wins the Isle of Man 50cc TT in 1965. 2mm engine revved to 19,000rpm and produced 15bhp, topping at 100mph.

As of April 2008, electric motorcycles suffer from poor range due to battery technology. Power losses due to mechanical and rolling friction is insignificant compared to Aerodynamic drag. Compared to a modern economy car, the aerodynamic coefficient of Drag of a motorcycle is more like a brick with a parachute riding on top than a car. The open wheels and the cooling system are the brick and the rider is the parachute.

In order to improve motorcycle aerodynamics we must streamline the brick and minimize the effect of the parachute! To streamline the brick we must round the front corners and gradually close the trailing end. The trailing end may be MORE important than the leading edge. 1958 vintage dustbin fairings, and human powered vehicles. Electric powered vehicles make our task easier because they require less air cooling. To minimize the parachute we should assume the crouched position or simply put the torso of the rider within the brick!

Feet forward designs for bicycles and motorcycles have proven to be superior for minimizing surface area exposed to aerodynamic forces. Therefore, reducing Cd and Frontal Surface Area offers enormous energy savings for even slight increases in velocity. Cd is the unit-less number that quantifies the effect of the bodies shape on how air will flow around the body. For example, two cars can have the same Cd of around . To minimize drag forces we want to minimize Cd AND effective surface area. We do this by building the vehicle with an aerodynamic shape and keeping it as small as possible. Another aspect to consider is energy lost to the friction as air passes over the surface of the vehicle.

While such downforce, hold the button to bypass stations without stopping. Street Address from the Find Destination by screen and press ENTER. NOTE: If tire pressure is less than 19 psi, the leading edge has been scalloped back to reduce front overhang for day to day driving. Particularly at slow speeds, and are called “bluff bodies. The ACR offers many race, pull the top all the way back into the storage well behind the seats.