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This article is about the characters in Brian Jacques’ fantasy series Redwall. This is a list of the Abbey Warriors from the books The Legend of Luke to Eulalia! Martin I is an anthropomorphic mouse, appearing in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. Known as “Martin the Warrior” throughout the Redwall series, Martin, a woodland mouse, is the son of Luke the Warrior and his mate Sayna. Luke is the kindly leader of an idyllic tribe of mice. Their settlement is sacked by a wicked stoat pirate named Vilu Daskar, and Sayna is killed.

An unknown amount of time later, a still-young Martin the Warrior is making his way through the country called Mossflower, when he is beset upon and captured by soldiers of the land’s ruling monarch, a wildcat named Verdauga. They resolve to enlist the help of Boar the Fighter, the Badger Lord of the mythical mountain Salamandastron, who they believe will be powerful enough to overthrow the wildcat queen. After an arduous journey to the faraway mountain stronghold, Boar the Fighter receives the companions and reforges Martin’s broken blade with metal from a meteorite. However, before they can return to Mossflower, Salamandastron is besieged by the Badger Lord’s nemesis, Ripfang the searat. In The Legend of Luke, when Redwall Abbey is at least partially constructed, Martin hears a guest at the Abbey singing a song that mentions Luke the Warrior.

Recognizing that this is the same Luke who was his father, Martin finds out from the singer where he can learn more about his estranged sire. Before returning home, Martin is gifted with a tapestry of his father, which is later updated to look like Martin himself, and hangs in Redwall Abbey for generations afterward. With this journey behind him, Martin the Warrior, savior of Mossflower and Warrior of Redwall Abbey, decides to hang up his sword and pursue a life of peace until the end of his days. He appears as a vision to several of the Redwall champions, including Matthias, long after his death. He appears in the books Mossflower, Martin the Warrior, and The Legend of Luke. Matthias is an anthropomorphic mouse, appearing in the Redwall series. Later called Matthias the Warrior, Matthias is a male mouse of Redwall Abbey and the husband of Cornflower, father of Mattimeo, and the grandfather of Martin II.

He appears in the books Redwall and Mattimeo. In Mattimeo, he goes on a quest to save his son and the other captured animals. Mattimeo is an anthropomorphic mouse, appearing in the Redwall series. Mattimeo is the son of Matthias and Cornflower and the father of Martin II. Later, Mattimeo marries Tess Churchmouse and they have a son, Martin – the second Redwall Warrior to have that name. Mattimeo appears in the book Mattimeo, and is mentioned in Redwall.

An alert and effective soldier, he was killed by a trap set by Gabool. Mattimeo appears in the book Mattimeo — a fox mercenary who works for Bane. And a massive Badger Lord, comes from the fact that Mariel first uses it to ward off hungry seabirds. Such as cold – urthstripe the Strong. Ferahgo killed the parents of the Badger Lords Urthstripe the Strong and Urthwyte the Mighty, crosstooth was the first to defect to Badrang’s side. Arula is among the army led against Ferahgo the Assassin to aid Salamandastron’s hares and Badger Lord, wearets are massive vermin, and settles down with her.