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Not to be confused with Dodge Lancer. 4 ES AWC, front left side. The Mitsubishi Lancer is a compact car produced by the Japanese brother xl 2600 manual pdf español Mitsubishi since 1973.

Between its introduction in 1973 and 2008, over six million units had been sold. According to Mitsubishi, there were nine generations of development before the current model. Mitsubishi has ended production of the Lancer in August 2017 worldwide, with the exception of Taiwan and mainland China. It served to fill the gap between the Minica kei car and the larger Galant.

This car was marketed under a variety of names: Dodge Colt in the United States, Plymouth Colt in Canada, Dodge Lancer in some Latin American countries, Chrysler Valiant Lancer in Australia, and Colt Lancer in some European markets. In February 1975 the Lancer was complemented by a hatchback called the Lancer Celeste, succeeding the Galant FTO. Four-door Lancer assembly began in New Zealand in 1975, supplementing the larger English Hillman Avengers also built locally by importer Todd Motors. The Celeste was imported built-up from Japan initially and assembly of a single 1. 6- liter, manual transmission model began in 1978 followed by a minor facelift about a year later. The Celeste was originally available with 1.

6-liter options, while a bigger 2. 6-liter four was available in the US-market Plymouth Fire Arrow. The Celeste was facelifted in 1978, receiving square headlights and bigger squarer bumpers. In 1979, the all new Lancer EX was unveiled in Japan. Its new, clean and aerodynamic styling with integrated plastic bumpers reflected that of the recently introduced Galant and Sapporo. It was of a more European appearance than earlier Mitsubishis. In addition to these improvements, another breakthrough in the Lancer lineup was the Silent Shaft Technology, which was actually two counterbalancing shafts that rotated in opposite directions, cancelling the power pulses inherent in an inline four-cylinder engine.

This reduced both engine noise and vibration, and provided a smoother driving experience. 8-liter Sirius 80 engines were then introduced in the Lancer in 1980, expanding the Lancer’s range of engines. In 1980, The Lancer EX was introduced with a 1. 8-liter turbocharged inline-four option known as the 1800GSR and GT Turbo. New Zealand importer Todd Motors assembled the new Lancer EX from 1980 with 1. 6-liter carburetor gasoline engine and a choice of manual or automatic transmission.

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The model was also a popular base for rally cars in that market, with some success. It was replaced by the front-drive Tredia in 1982 with the Cordia coupe equivalent effectively replacing the earlier Celeste. In Europe, the Lancer EX sold well as its restrained styling better matched the desires of European buyers than its somewhat fussy predecessor. Other considerations concerned handling and also the demand for more passenger room, as Mitsubishi tailored the Lancer towards European consumers. It went on sale locally after making its European premier at the 1979 Frankfurt Show. Unlike in Japan, European buyers could also get a 1.

2-liter option which suited local tax conditions. Here, the Lancer EX was also offered with a turbocharged 2. 0-liter engine, known as the Lancer EX 2000 Turbo. Four-door sedan powered by a 1. Same as the 1400, with a 1. The EL was the lowest priced version with very little equipment.