Carp rig guide pdf

Please forward this error carp rig guide pdf to sharedip-10718044127. Some species, such as paddlefish, are not attracted to bait or lures as they eat plankton. While these fish can be taken using nets or spears, snagging is also used. After first casting a hook into the water, a snagger will wait until a fish sighted, at which time they will reel in the hook until it is positioned above the fish.

Once the fish is in line with the hook, the snagger then yanks on the line to “snag” the fish before attempting to reel it in. When fishing in a clear river, most snaggers will be able to observe their target’s shadow or wake in the water to determine where their hooks need to be and when. Snagging, like other methods of fishing, is controlled by the wildlife regulating agency of each state. A list of the legality for each state follows.

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