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The more you simplify your financial life, the easier it is to dominate it. I’ve made this concept one of the pillars of my financial life in the last couple of years. I must warn you, though, this stuff is addicting. The more I explore this subtle art, the deeper the rabbit hole seems to go. For me, simplicity isn’t always taking the most convenient option. Simplicity doesn’t mean pursuing automation at all costs or always choosing the option that saves the most time. Rather, simplicity is ruthlessly cutting out anything in your life that stands between you and your passions.

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It’s a journey to increase intimacy. The heart of simplicity is in exploring, finding what works for you, and purging the rest. Focus on one financial goal at a time. Instead, try passionate focusing your intensity on one goal at a time. If you’re attacking debt, attack debt. If you’re saving for a down-payment, start stockpiling. I seriously doubt you need 2 savings, 4 checking, and 3 separate retirement accounts.

It’s no wonder people get lost tracking their finances. Unfortunately, we’re forced to have two checking accounts, one for NZ and one for U. This battle has already been publicly fought here and on other blogs. Invest the time upfront to create 1 account of each type, 1 set of goals, and 1 financial life. Lower risk of identity theft, less financial accounts, less miscellaneous and erroneous fees, and cleaner reviews of credit reports makes Baker a happy boy.