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What does an ideal learning environment look like? How do we create more ideal learning environments? Having raised seven children, at the age of discover sketch app pdf download I returned to college to get my teaching degree. I now teach children with special needs.

I’m happy to know of your existance! 7 children, getting a degree at age 50, or teaching special education. All impressive feats in and of themselves! Send some of that energy my way!

I love special education and working with students that want to perform like there non-disabled peers. But I worry about those I cannot reach. Yes, you are a very enthusiastic person! How wonderful for you to be part of this profession. In my elementary school, we have aspire classes and the students are very challenged. I am always amazed by the level of understanding, empathy, patience and positive attitudes that my colleagues exhibit that teach in these areas. God bless you for choosing to work with students with special needs.

In my career as a school social worker, I have experienced to love and compassion it takes to work with this group of children. May you go far in your journey to make learning available for all! It was hard to decide if some indicator applied or not. But overall it was pretty accurate.

40 and while I was in the process of raising 3 children. I just wanted to find a field where I could make a difference by teaching people how to focus on the positive and to focus on their strengths. I thought I’d be guided through an activity to find out about myself as a learner. I clicked on Your Learner Sketch and got to this page. Enter your name above Alex, and from there you’ll enter the Sketch.