Free loft bed plans pdf

Thanks for following along on our Tiny House Video Series! A big thank you to everyone who has subscribed free loft bed plans pdf followed along! It’s been fun, and I’m both sad and happy to be getting to the final stages.

Sad because that means this project is almost done. And happy because I finally get to start sharing plans with you lovely people. Today I’m sharing the first of the project plans for the tiny house. Now are you ready to see how the loft area turned out? I think what I love most about this loft area in the tiny house is that it is so simple and does not feel cluttered or complicated – yet it does so many things! And of course, it’s a loft.

We put a ton of thought into each board in this loft bed system – did you notice that the wall framing becomes shelving? That the bed support system is a dresser? 2″ thick where you need headroom? PS – The stain on the upstairs floor is Rustoleum Early American with Triple Thick poly on top. Can be modified to fit different spaces.

The best way to attach into the 4×4 posts is with a Kreg Jig, hiding pocket holes on underside. Next, build the 2×4 bed support. Make sure this area is very square. You will need longer lag screws to attach 4x4s to the wall. The only thing I would change on this loft bed system is the ladder. There are two things I did not like about how we did ours – 1.

Iron pipe only comes threaded in certain lengths. So we had to cut iron pipe and weld to fitting to get the widths to work out just right. With the span in our pipes, the pipes will sag when heavier people climb the ladder. I decided to use the 2x8s to support the mattress because it creates a nice sized cavity for drawers. 2×4 or 2×6 framing would have been fine too if you are not doing the drawers. If doing drawers take extra care to make sure the boards are attached square so you don’t have a cockeyed drawer that doesn’t slide right.

We used leftover 1×6 tongue and groove from the wall paneling to cover the back of the “wall” but any material will do – beadboard, paneling, plywood – your choice. It’s nice that this area is less than a full sheet of plywood. Just cut and attach with nails and glue. We used 2×6 tongue and groove for the upstairs loft. You could probably get away with 1x material, but not sure if I would recommend it with the span over the doorway being so close to 36″. 4″ hardwood flooring running the opposite direction. Drawers should always be built to fit openings and drawer slides.

The picture shows the perfect situation. 4″ material for the remaining slats, splicing joints over the 2×8 framing. 4″ plywood over the opening in the front. We cut a circle out in the middle to act as a handle. I have enjoyed all 12 episodes of your Tiny House build, but I am still waiting for your plan on how you built your kitchen in this Tiny House! When should I expect to see it, or did I miss something! The kitchen plans are coming in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

Can you make plans for this type on furniture? Can you modify these plans for a full size bed with twin trundle? I was wondering what you used on the interior walls of the tiny house? I wonder what you’re advice would be on treating wood for exta insulation in a really humid climate? What kind of wood should I use for loft bed in your tiny house?

We are building this at our lake house. What color stain did you use for the top? Can I Sell Furniture from Your Plans? There are dozens of free furniture plans for children to choose with this great collection of projects. Tables and chairs, beds, desks and artists’ easels are just a few of the designs that you can download and build with ease.

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