Gas technician 3 module 1 to 9 pdf

Hypertherm HPR130 Manual Gas on manualslib. Hypertherm HPR130 Manual Gas Instruction Manual Hyperformance plasma. Page 4: Hypertherm Plasma Systems The size of the surrounding area to be Earthing of Workpiece considered will depend on the structure of Hypertherm’s CE-marked equipment is built Where the workpiece is not bonded to earth the building and other activities that are tak- in compliance with standard EN50199. The gas technician 3 module 1 to 9 pdf electrical safety, nor connected to earth ing place.

Any damage infringement, and Hypertherm’s obligation to indemnify shall be caused by the use of other than genuine Hypertherm parts may conditioned upon Hypertherm’s sole control of, and the not be covered by the Hypertherm warranty. Page 6: Table Of Contents Le bruit peut provoquer des problèmes auditifs. 1a-5 Pacemakers et prothéses auditives 1a-5 Un arc plasma peut endommager les tuyaux gelés. 2-1 System description 2-3 General .

Page 7: Table Of Contents Power supply to gas console cables3-18 Control cable 3-18 Power cable 3-18 Gas console to off-valve connections 3-20 Cable and gas hose assembly 3-20 Gas console to off-valve cable 3-20 Off-valve cable . Page 8: Table Of Contents Mild steel . 4-5 Stainless steel 4-5 Aluminum 4-6 Install consumables 4-7 Cut charts 4-8 Marking . 4-8 Consumables for mirror-image cutting . 4-8 Estimated kerf width compensation .

4-9 Changing consumable parts 4-21 Remove consumables. Page 9: Table Of Contents Power supply power distribution board PCB2 . 5-24 Start circuit PCB1 5-25 Operation . 5-25 Start circuit functional schematic5-25 Start circuit troubleshooting.

Page 10: Table Of Contents Section 11 Toxicological Information. 4 Section 12 Ecological Information . 5 Section 13 Disposal Considerations . 5 Section 15 Regulatory Information b-5 Section 16 Other Information . 5 Freezing point of Propylene Glycol solution . Page 11: Table Of Contents Compressed Gas Equipment Safety 1-5 Gas Cylinders Can Explode If Damaged 1-5 Noise Can Damage Hearing .