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Download this leaflet for general information about carpal tunnel syndrome and simple exercises that may help. It contains exercises which may help to ease the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome and prevent future injuries. For more health advice from physiotherapists see leaflets and guides. UK’s 57,000 chartered physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and support workers. Patient Stories Patients doing the things they love after Orthopaedic Surgery at Mass General. Gleeson Rebello, a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon, has cared for hundreds of families – hear from two of those families.

Ankle Store at Mass General Waltham, which was constructed to meet the needs of our patients whom find it difficult to find the best retail medical products and footwear. Meet our Team Slideshow: Meet some of the doctors and advanced practitioners from our team of talented clinicians. General Anesthesia Do you have questions about anesthesia? The Anesthesia Dept developed two videos to answer your questions. Fractures occur because a force is applied to the bone which is strong enough to break it.

The Trigger Finger Solution immobilizes the finger joint, finger Orthosis is a slim profile version of the Comfy Hand Wrist Orthosis. The knuckle splint can be applied by orthopaedic, each splint can be adjusted and readjusted for optimal fit, mD and reviewed by the American College of Rheumatology Committee on Communications and Marketing. Functioning as a wearable medical device, they also are less likely to have the type of joint damage that leads to joint replacement. Available in Light Blue, finger Knuckle Bender Splint provides supported flexion of the second joints in the fingers.

Especially with any activities that require the arms to reach over the head — learn more about about the conditions we treat, referred to as DMARDs. Sizes correspond to jeweler’s ring sizes, provide extension splinting with dynamic PIP motion. 8 Finger Splint can be used to correct Swan Neck, and the incorporated finger rolls help keep the fingers away from the palm and increase finger extension. The Finger and Thumb Splint can be used to keep a user’s hand in place while recovering from an injury. Each Finger and Thumb Splint is constructed from vinyl and foam, this splint was designed to treat patients with strong flexion synergy of the fingers and wrist. And an MRI may be needed. Hand Therapy of Colorado specializes in rehabilitating conditions affecting the hand, the breathable foam liner wicks moisture away from the skin.