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Please forward this error screen to 88. March is Women’s History Month, and there’s no incredible cross sections pdf of important women to celebrate. From fierce warriors to beloved poets, political activists to fearsome pirates, many women have made their mark on history, even if they aren’t household names.

To celebrate the many achievements of women, here are 15 incredible women you may not know about, but probably should. EDMONIA LEWIS One of the first internationally famous African American artists, Edmonia Lewis was born in New York in 1844 and studied art at Oberlin College before becoming a professional sculptor. She was known for her marble busts of famous abolitionists like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Horace Greeley, and her patrons included President Ulysses S. Anyte was famous for writing epitaphs, many of which were humorous in tone.

In one, she satirized the seriousness of most human epitaphs by commemorating the life of a cicada kept as a pet by a little girl. Botanist and explorer Jeanne Baret was the first woman to circumnavigate the globe. Her true gender was finally discovered somewhere in the South Pacific, and she and Commercon were kicked off the ship in Mauritius. SARAH GUPPY British inventor Sarah Guppy received 10 patents during her lifetime for a truly eclectic range of inventions. Guppy was an unstoppable force in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Sixteenth-century Islamic pirate queen Sayyida Al Hurra was both the governor of the city of Tétouan in Northern Morocco and a legendary pirate who ruled much of the western Mediterranean Sea for nearly 30 years, wreaking havoc on Spanish and Portuguese ships between 1515 and 1542.

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Mirabai was born into a wealthy family, but she eschewed her aristocratic life, devoting herself fully to the worship of Krishna and the singing of bhajans. Seventeenth-century playwright, novelist, poet, and government spy Aphra Behn may have been the first woman in England to earn her living as a professional writer. Though many men of her time vocally disapproved of female writers in general—and of the often risqué content of Behn’s writing specifically—her theatrical works were popular with audiences. Legend has it that she was 9 feet tall and fought over 30 battles against the Chinese, sometimes riding an elephant.

When someone tried to discourage her from fighting, she famously said, “I will not resign myself to the lot of women who bow their heads and become concubines. Born into slavery in Georgia in 1837, Harriet Powers became known as one of the greatest Southern textile artists in United States history. Throughout her life Powers used intricate quilts to tell stories, stitching stunning and elaborate images from Bible stories, myths, and celestial phenomena while also drawing on West African artistic traditions. SARAH MOORE GRIMKE AND ANGELINA GRIMKE Abolitionist sisters Sarah and Angelina Grimke were 19th-century orators and educators who traveled America lecturing on the horrors of slavery, and who penned numerous abolitionist tracts.

Nineteenth-century culinary expert Fannie Farmer is often called the “mother of level measurements. Farmer, who was born in Boston in 1857 and whose cookbooks are still in print over a century after their initial publication, helped standardize the cooking measurements which we now take for granted. LOZEN A great Apache warrior, Lozen rebelled after she and her family were forced onto a reservation in the 1870s. Together with her brother Victorio, she led a band of warriors, raiding the lands that were taken from them by settlers. Victorio famously said of his sister. Lozen is a shield to her people.

Chinese feminist, revolutionary, poet, and eventual martyr, Qiu Jin fought for women’s access to education and against foot binding, founded a feminist journal, and fought against the Qing Dynasty before being executed in 1907 at age 31 after a failed uprising. She often wrote poetry about current events and historical female warriors and is considered a national hero by many in China. KNIGHT Born in Maine in 1838, Margaret E. Knight went from working in a factory to inventing a product that would change the world—or, at least, the way we package groceries—forever: the paper bag. She later moved to England to help her astronomer brother run his household and became a great astronomer in her own right.