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A fantasy role playing system and supplement designed for use with The Chronicles Of Talislanta, atlas and lexicon of the magical realm. Featuring: Over eighty different character types. A listing of over one hundred skills and special abilities in nine different fields of expertise. Lists of equipment, weapons and trade goods. Traveler, self-styled wizard, and obscure author of ancient times as he explores the magical land of Talislanta.

Dream Merchants of Phantas who sail the skies in fabulous windships bearing the most costly and exotic wares. The Maze-City of Altan, carved over centuries of time from a single mound of violet stone. A compendium of selected flora and fauna native to the magical realm of Talislanta. The Sorcerer’s Guide is an invaluable aid to the aspiring Magician.

Within the pages of this book are contained the secrets of Talislantan magic, including: The Lyceum Arcanum, a listing of rare spells and incantations, and over a hundred different types of enchanged items, weapons, artifacts, charms, and fetishes. This is the second edition rule book. It combines the original Talislantan Handbook with material from the Sorcerer’s Guide and the Cyclopedia Talislanta. Features expanded listings of skills, equipment, weapons, and conveyances. This is the atlas and gazeteer of Archaeus, the strange and exotic world which serves at the setting for the Talislanta game. The Worldbook features a comprehensive overview of the Talislantan continent, incorporating revised information from the Chronicles of Talislanta and the first Cyclopedia Talislanta, plus new continental, regional, and city maps. Twenty years have passed and the face of Talislanta has changed.

The Sub-Men have been united by the mysterious Tirshata and the treasures of the Lyceum Arcanum have been revealed. This is a time of great heroes among the wreckage of a magical post-holocaust. A number of the archetypes were tweaked. The magic system received a major overhaul.

The Talislanta Geographica is comprised of a Game Master’s Screen, a poster-sized map of the continent of Talislanta, and a 16 page booklet. 4 adventure outlines to nurture as you see fit. The map has been made available in three different sizes. Medium is recommended for simple referencing and Large is recommended for actual printing. Talislanta has an abundance of strange and often dangerous flora and fauna.