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When Greer Garson won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1943 for Mrs. Miniver, she set a Guinness World Record for “Longest Oscars Acceptance Speech” with a rant that clocked in at five and a half minutes. That’s more than twice as much time as Gwyneth Paltrow spent on her famously long speech after she nabbed the same award for Shakespeare in Love in 1999. Oscar producers imposed a 45-second time limit on speeches in 2010, but not every winner would have needed it.

Here are 10 who thanked the Academy in 10 words or fewer. Thank you,” before pausing and adding, “Very much indeed. Best Supporting Actor for Goodfellas, but no one wants to see one of cinema’s greatest tough guys cry. But Tiomkin kept it short and sweet for both, offering a simple, “Thank you very much. Total Words: 4 The year 1953 was a fine one for succinctness. While he allowed himself a full 70 words on that last award, his acceptances earlier in the night were much less long-winded. If baseball is America’s national pastime, then collecting baseball cards is a close second.

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