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The Hermitage Medical Clinic provides laya claim form pdf full range of medical and surgical care across a broad spectrum of specialities. We offer top quality healthcare with access to over 150 leading consultants. Our hospital facilities include 101 beds, 25 day-beds and 7 operating theatres. CT, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, Ultrasound, X-ray and Fluoroscopy.

Our Emergency Department is an immediate access clinic run by Consultants and is open 7 days a week. Our Cardiology Department provides a comprehensive list of diagnostic and interventional procedures. We also have a Chest Pain Service for patients will multiple risk factors. The hospital is open to members of other health schemes including ESB, Garda Medical Aid, Prison Officers Association, the Defence Forces. We have also introduced a self pay initiative in the Hermitage Medical Clinic where the patient can pay for their procedure. For more information on all our services and facilities, please visit www.

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X-ray cameras monitor the patient’s breathing and re-position the radiotherapy beam in order to minimise damage to healthy tissue. Referral process for Cyberknife The best thing is to speak with the doctor who is looking after your care. Hermitage Medical Clinic where we discuss all cases and determine suitability for treatment. If it is decided that you are suitable for treatment we will then take over your care. For the MDT referral , we need a referral letter and copies of all your data regarding treatment and diagnosis etc and copies of recent MRIs or CTs. Micro-discectomy may be used for a prolapsed disc causing back and leg pain. Laminectomy may be used for a condition called spinal stenosis .

This could be augmented with a spacer to keep the nerves open. Nerve root decompression is performed if there is a bony spur or a hardened disc. In addition, a Spinal Neurosurgeon can also treat spinal fractures, tumours, infections and some complex abnormalities of the cervical spine including rheumatoid arthritis. Zulfiqar Ali, Prof Ciaran Bolger, Mr.