Lennox pulse furnace manual pdf

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If you are having difficulties since the site software rebuild click on this link and ask your questions Site software issues and answers Look for the proper thread or create your own. NOTE: This link is not for asking your personal equipment questions. My furnace is a G21Q3 lennox pulse furnace with a G891TCA controller. I notice that intermittently the furnace is not operating even though the thermostat is asking for heating. I went in my furnace manual and checked some troubleshooting information.

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First thing that stands out it that the controller LED light is off. This tells me the controller has power to it I believe. The furnace manual says change the controller if the power goes to the controller but it does not operate. But the furnace turns on on a power cycle. I read a PDF manual on the controller and they say LED off is equal to lock out. 2- When I turn the power off to the furnace and then back on, the furnace fires up and works normally for anywhere between 1 hour and a few days.

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