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Sustainable Development Goals identified in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This document is part of the les 5 s pdf for improving the quality of care in family planning.

Monthly electronic newsletter of new publications, research articles and events from the Department of Reproductive Health and Research. Includes full text of selected Cochrane systematic reviews, a set of training videos to help clinicians master details of manual and surgical procedures, independent expert commentaries etc. The OECD not only measures skills in student and adult populations, it also works with countries to develop skills strategies tailored to specific needs and contexts. Working closely with interministerial teams in capitals whose members include government officials from education, employment, economic development and innovation, among others. Engaging a broad range of stakeholders through interactive workshops to build a deep, shared understanding of the skills challenges facing their country. Identifying the country’s key skills challenges and designing concrete actions to improve the country’s skills system.

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Educators, policy makers and labour economists will use this information to develop economic, education and social policies that will continue to enhance the skills of adults. Apprenticeships and other work-based learning programmes that combine education and training in schools with work placements. Vocational education and training provided mainly in schools and colleges. The power of social and emotional skills. The role family, school and community learning contexts play in skill formation. Thematic analysis on the links between skills and key labour market outcomes. The assessment and policy response to changing skill needs.

Find out how your country fares on key information processing skills. The OECD Skills Outlook 2017 shows how countries can make the most of global value chains, socially and economically, by investing in the skills of their populations. It can be used by adults and youth of any age to demonstrate their workforce-readiness skills and benchmark themselves with adults of similar background in their country or internationally. Getting skills right Italy book cover.