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CBDI recommend that is more useful to model the capabilities required for Cloud Computing rather than to list them all as activities; many years before many people in that sector had considered the use of these techniques. Current Cloud Computing Reference Architecture – as that may imply processes and tasks which is not always the case. Models and frameworks in terms of understanding better what they actually contain, with key areas for improvement identified. But consolidate the elements contained across the different reference architectures, drink and Retail.

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If you want to know more about what we do in your sector then see the links below or just give us a call and we can have a chat. We’ve been working with law firms on improving processes and productivity since 2011. With our Lean Accounting solutions you spend less time on the monthly reporting and more time understanding the key levers of the business. Lean Manufacturing in FMCGProcess Improvement and Lean Manufacturing in Food, Drink and Retail. Training which mixes teaching with on the job implementation. Lean Training which is focussed on helping you identify and solve the problems in your business, delivering a return direct to you, your employees, your customers. Ensuring the benefits of improvement are realised quickly and are sustained in the long term, able to cope with future changes.

You can use our experience and skills to fill gaps or provide advice on an interim basis. Levantar provide productivity, efficiency, and continuous improvement services for a range of sectors using Lean and Continuous Improvement techniques. We achieve this by working with our clients and introducing them to Lean Management methods and principles. We are able to use these in a very practical way due to our long term experience in managing operational teams to deliver to customers whilst improving. Gas to Legal Firms, furniture manufacturing to world class print equipment manufacturing. Starting with a focus in Lean Manufacturing and Service in 2005, we have developed new sectors in recent years. In 2010 we began our focus on the Legal industry, many years before many people in that sector had considered the use of these techniques.

In 2012 our journey to bring the same improvement frameworks to Finance teams was started. Got a Question About Lean Management or Our Services? Cloud Computing Reference Architectures, Models and Frameworks Topic:  Cloud Computing Date:    June 2011 Author: Lawrence Wilkes There are a plethora of different reference architectures, models and frameworks for Cloud Computing. Everware-CBDI separated out various parts as shown in figure 1. The benefit of this approach is that elements of the framework can then be mapped to each other in different ways to support alternative perspectives such as different usage or adoption scenarios, or the viewpoint of an individual participant or organization. Whereas most of the Cloud Computing Reference architectures, models and frameworks proposed today apply to a single perspective.