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In these cases, the PET scan must have been considered necessary in order to determine what medical or surgical intervention is required to treat the member. PET scans are considered medically necessary for the determination of myocardial viability prior to re-vascularization, either as a primary or initial mcmi iv manual pdf study or following an inconclusive SPECT.

The greater specificity of PET makes a SPECT following an inconclusive PET not medically necessary. The identification of members with partial loss of heart muscle movement or hibernating myocardium is important in selecting candidates with compromised ventricular function to determine appropriateness for re-vascularization. Diagnostic tests such as FDG-PET distinguish between dysfunctional but viable myocardial tissue and scar tissue in order to affect the management decisions in members with ischemic cardiomyopathy and left ventricular dysfunction. PET scanning is considered medically necessary. The PET results may assist in avoiding an invasive diagnostic procedure, or the PET results may assist in determining the optimal anatomic location to perform an invasive diagnostic procedure. In general, for most solid tumors, a tissue diagnosis is made prior to the performance of PET scanning. PET scans following a tissue diagnosis are performed for the purpose of staging, not diagnosis.

PET would potentially replace one or more conventional imaging studies when it is expected that conventional study information is insufficient for the clinical management of the member. PET is considered medically necessary for re-staging after completion of treatment for the purpose of detecting residual disease, for detecting suspected recurrence in persons with signs or symptoms of recurrence, or to determine the extent of recurrence. PET for monitoring tumor response during the planned course of therapy is not considered medically necessary except for breast cancer. Re-staging occurs only after a course of treatment is completed. A single indeterminate or possibly malignant lesion, more than 0. The primary purpose of the PET scan of SPN should be to determine the likelihood of malignancy in order to plan the management of the member.

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