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This report was translated into Korean with thanks to the Korea Press Foundation. It is available to download here. Nielsen music 360 report pdf Summary The last few years have seen an explosion of online video, driven by technical improvements, initiatives from platforms like Facebook, and investment by media companies in new visual storytelling formats. But to what extent are consumers embracing news video?

Is this an incremental addition to the digital landscape or another fundamental disruption requiring urgent and immediate action? In this Reuters Institute report, we combine data on video consumption and production from a number of key sources with more than 30 interviews from news organisations across Europe and North America. So far, the growth around online video news seems to be largely driven by technology, platforms, and publishers rather than by strong consumer demand. Website users in particular remain resistant to online video news with only around 2. Online video news provides a powerful and popular way of covering compelling stories, but not all everyday news coverage is equally compelling. Meanwhile, off-site news video consumption is growing fast. Many publishers we interviewed said that the majority of their video is now consumed through Facebook and other platforms.

Given the growing importance of social media as a source of news, this very different format is arguably already affecting the content and tone of news coverage in general. Reuters Institute at the start of 2016 saying they would be investing more during the year. Broadcasters should be in the best position to take advantage of the move to video with a wealth of relevant skills, but in many cases we find them struggling to adapt to the new grammar of digital online video. By contrast, both newspapers and digital-born companies have had to build capacity and skills from scratch. Newspapers, in a period of retrenchment, have found it challenging to fund new investment and retrain a predominantly text-based workforce.

We find varying approaches to resourcing and organising online video news production. Issues of scale and technology are particularly pressing. Producing videos can be a time-consuming process using legacy systems, while digital-born competitors have better technology but are under pressure to create more and more content with the same number of staff. Automated or semi- automated software is emerging to help solve these issues. The monetisation of online news video remains the biggest challenge for publishers. On-site monetisation continues to focus on pre-roll ads, despite widespread acknowledgement that this is a poor user experience that is affecting growth.

Off-site monetisation is also problematic with much depending on the outcome of various Facebook product initiatives. Overall, we are cautious about the long-term dynamics for video news in particular. Netflix and Amazon, which is essentially a new way of delivering television on demand. Smartphones and tablets with high-definition screens have enabled consumers to watch videos anywhere, while on-board cameras, apps, and simple editing software have lowered barriers to entry for content creation. At the same time, bandwidth has become cheaper and more plentiful with the cost of mobile data plans falling in many countries. The foremost motive for investing in online news video is that, in this day and age, consumers expect to see video content in their news feed.

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