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After appearing initially on here, links are moved a month or more later to the relevant pages indexed on The Rowing Service or in the news archive. We will be running Mystic Worlds for the Karapiro championships in November, but will not change the website for at least a month – the HRR stats and choices are all still active as the current event. Register any time from now on: after registration you can play any Mystic game, no need to re-register for each one. T-shirts can be bought by emailing Gareth Sharpe. 50 though with all proceeds going directly to the Prostate Cancer Charity, anything extra will be gratefully received. Control commission checks should look very carefully at these boats and if there is any doubt about the heel restraint mechanism, they should require additional laces to be added.

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This phone number has called me many times- Can you block this? Holiday loans- Calls I can not take time for- how do they get my number? CID “Owens Carla”- Press for air duct cleaning- Really? Record newspaper kept calling me for the past months- I have repeatedly told them we were no longer in their area and please remove me from the list-However, they still keep calling- Are they stupid or shameless? I am never home when this caller calls, I see it on my call display only, no message- There are also other numbers from Jamaica that have displayed they are: , , all these since March – Does this person ever give up? I haven’t tried to cancel yer- What has happened to you?

Have you been able to cancel it yet? Same here , _ Hello, Hello? I wish they would stop, they are very annoying- What can we do? Recently , at the beginning of the year, My girlfriend and i placed our phone numbers on the “do not call list”- within the last two months we have gooten calls concerning nothing more than a Telemarketing call- This morning, we decided to call these jokers, and it took her at least a half hour to get through to the customer service, noone answered- Where do these companies get away with this BS? Beau knows, but does he know about beau ? As soon as I turned these call started flooding in- Do we turn stupid and at the same time?

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