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Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital was a public hospital in Marlboro Township, Monmouth Psychiatric progress note template pdf, New Jersey which was operated by the State of New Jersey. Construction of the hospital began in 1929. Starting in 1928, Five hundred and nine acres were eventually purchased by the State of New Jersey. Some of the land was in Wickatunk for the construction of Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital.

The hospital’s original working name was “Hillsdale asylum at Wickatunk”. Originally set up to treat adults, the hospital started treating children in 1939. At Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital, the cottages were initially Tudor style dormitories which housed as many as 55 patients each. The cottage model was selected because it was felt that treatment could best be provided by grouping similar diagnosed people. A decision to expand the scope of serviced counties occurred in 1972. At that time, Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital which handled Essex county was overcrowded and Marlboro started to receive patients from western Essex county.

End of year patient population is shown in graph to right. 1993 investigation by then State Senator Richard J. Codey, during which he went undercover at the hospital and found rampant patient abuse, wasteful spending, and other illegal practices. Subterranean tunnels were constructed between the buildings to facilitate movement of people and supplies between the structures in all types of weather. They were used to deliver equipment, food and the movement of patients and staff. In later years, showing their age, the tunnels were problematic.

Low-hanging pipes often dropped dirt and other items. The hospital was originally envisioned as being a “self contained community”. 3000 patients was reached in 1933. An interdenominational Chapel was added to the hospital in 1962. 80,000 and came from profits at the hospital snack shop.

It was constructed for religious services as well as for counseling. It had offices for the Roman Catholic resident priest, Protestant chaplain and the part-time Episcopal and Jewish chaplains. It is interesting to note that the large barn on the prison property was constructed with funds from President Roosevelt’s W. 78,761 for construction and improvement of the hospital property. The Bridgeway house was started in March 1959.

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