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2018 Mayo Clinic – 200 First Street SW – Rochester, MN 55905 – All rights reserved. A Brief Review of Part I In part one, we discussed the Coronary Calcium Score, which is useful because it provides an estimate of total plaque burden. We also made the shocking statement that the conventional lipid panel is now obsolete. In Part I, we explained how plaque formation is the cause of heart disease, and also discussed how enlarging plaques eventually cause heart attack by either occlusion, or plaque rupture with thrombosis. A Closer Look at Plaque Formation In Part II of this report we take a closer look at the individual steps leading to plaque formation in the artery wall. Based on this knowledge, we will then suggest additional strategies for preventing and reversing plaque formation in the arteries.

Vitamin C Deficiency -Cholesterol Patches Linus Pauling and others, suspected that the LDL deposition in the wall serves as patching material to repair small cracks in the arterial wall at sites of mechanical stress from pulsations and flow turbulence. Pauling theorized that, because of a subclinical vitamin C deficiency, the normal repair mechanisms are ineffective, so that an alternate repair mechanism with LDL cholesterol evolved. We now know there is a transport mechanism for cholesterol to travel in the blood stream to the arterial wall in the form of LDL particles. Cholesterol At left is a blow up of a microscopic LDL particle with the APO-B protein colored in yellow, attached at the top. The LDL particles are transported from the liver out to the body tissues in the blood stream and delivers cholesterol to the Fatty Streak in the artery wall.

The HDL particles carry cholesterol from the Fatty Streak in the artery wall back to the liver where it is metabolized and excreted as bile. Perhaps this is a useful analogy for children, but is overly simplistic for adults. Lowering plain LDL cholesterol will also lower the oxidized fraction of LDL cholesterol, but this is a rather crude way to do it. Cholesterol is a building block for membranes and sex steroids, is important for over-all health, and lower cholesterol is associated with increased mortality from cancer, liver disease and mental disease. It would be much more beneficial to selectively reduce only the OXIDIZED LDL cholesterol. Researchers have tests to measure oxidized LDL cholesterol, but this is not yet available to clinicians, and should be. The Role of Anti-Oxidants Selectively reducing Oxidized LDL is exactly what is done with anti-oxidants like vitamin C, E, Carotenoids, and Red wine polyphenols.

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