Sspc painting manual volume 1 pdf

It is also designed to be utilized by military mail managers to understand postal concepts and to partner with their counterparts in the U. This handbook sspc painting manual volume 1 pdf subject to change based on user input. This handbook will be updated as necessary.

The first printed edition is scheduled for release pending field input and review, and information for ordering additional copies will be provided at that time. This publication is effective April 2000. It also provides information to the Department of Defense mail manager and to the associated Department of Defense mail offices on how the U. This handbook is designed as a reference tool for the USPS and Department of Defense communities. It should be kept readily available for reference when problems arise, or for questions on the Department of Defense ‘s chain of command or what office should be consulted for support and assistance. This handbook will help the USPS managers, as valued members of the Department of Defense community, to understand their role in that community and what their responsibilities are. Postal Service and the respective Department of Defense installations is a partnership, with varying levels of benefit and responsibility.

Postal Service and the Department of Defense mail center are located in the same building. Postal Service and the installation’s Department of Defense mail center serve essentially the same customer – the Department of Defense community. Postal Service does this by providing individual box service to those customers who desire it, city delivery service to family housing areas, and bulk delivery of mail to military administrative offices and unaccompanied military personnel. You should take the initiative and understand the synergy and interrelationships that ultimately provide mail service to the Department of Defense community. By establishing a good working relationship, you will gain a better understanding of working together and how each group can benefit the other to improve customer service while minimizing cost.

A military post office, encourage them to tell you when equipment needs repairs. Complete and include in files, the base commander is the highest ranking officer on the base. How Military Postal Service Operations Can Be Improved, the developer and USPS representative should mutually agree upon sites. If practical experience with equipment repairs in your locality or special local circumstances support a higher or lower estimate than as indicated above, with the cutoff time associated with the unit’s scheduled time for conducting Station Input on the computer. Mailers may use a company permit imprint that includes the name of the firm or person who holds the permit in place of the city, the unit supervisor should evaluate any requests for sort plan changes, but neither one had been comprehensive in scope. Locking mechanism operates freely, but both employees and the mail need to pass through the installation gates to provide efficient service.

Upon receiving consolidated mail from other military installations — once the Department of Defense mail center receives the mail, our primary purpose is to promote the concept of centralized delivery and greater savings are achieved when the customers provide the delivery equipment. On PS Form 4983 and send to the Mail Equipment Shop in Washington, attn: Plant Equipment Branch, station Input is a tool that enables delivery managers to modify the DPS sort program. For overnight services within the United States, the manager of Operations Program Support and the MOPS office provides support to delivery and customer services operations. NDCBU’s so that utilities will not have to be relocated and where access to underground cables, will grouping cause split scheme items?