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How do you spell that Dutch word? Click here to print this page. Only the contents of the middle column will be printed. Approximately 23 million people in Belgium and the Netherlands have Dutch as their mother tongue, which makes Dutch the seventh language in the European Union. Dutch is a Germanic language, which means it has a lot in common with languages like German, English, Danish, and Swedish. Learn Dutch Dutch spelling is quite easy compared to many other languages because it is based on a bunch of basic principles.

The same goes for the conjugation of Dutch regular verbs. Once you know the conjugation rules, you can conjugate any Dutch verb. Irregular verbs, however, must be learned by heart. Those who have studied German, Russian, or Latin will be delighted to learn that the Dutch language does not have a case system.

This means that you do not need to use different articles or adjectives for subjects and objects. Another hurdle for Dutch learners is the pronunciation. Just how difficult you find it depends on where you come from. The guttural g is easier for Spanish or Arabic speakers than for English or Japanese speakers.

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