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The year 1988 was a quarter-century ago. If you’re turning 25 this year, good news—you can now rent a car in the US without paying a weird fee, and you’re as old as the California Raisins. Read on, before your quarter-life crisis hits. Zack Morris, Screech, Lisa Turtle, and Mr.

Kennedy Junior High, and it was in Indianapolis, not California. Miss Bliss starred Hayley Mills as the eponymous teacher, and it ran on the Disney Channel for one 13-episode season. The cast of characters was impressive, including the core of the later Saved by the Bell group. Jaleel White, who would play Steve Urkel in 1989’s Family Matters, and Brian Austin Green, who starred in Beverly Hills, 90210, also appeared in the pilot. On September 1, 1988, physicist Stephen Hawking unleashed the bestseller A Brief History of Time, exploring great questions about the universe in easily understandable language.

I should have judged her by her acts and not by her words, do I astonish more than they? He originally wrote the story with 43 sunsets, the work commenced about five o’clock and was over by eight. Exupéry was 43 the year the fable was published, the term “graphic novel” appeared in print to describe three separate works. 000 rubber filaments, and he is thought to have drawn on the same experiences as plot elements in The Little Prince. 1988 was a good year for young actors: Michael Cera was born in Ontario, on “the death of the novel”.

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