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There are no limits for an engineer. This is what Kurt Köhler from IMKO thought when he started working trends in data mining pdf his latest invention.

It led to the SONO-WZ, a handheld cement water analyzer for fresh concrete. SONO-WZ received the innovation award at Bauma 2016 in the Components category. Kurt Köhler: It is important to guarantee the quality and longevity of concrete. At BAUMA 2016 in Munich, Bosch presented the operator’s cab of the future, Genius Cab, a post designed for maximum visibility and protection in difficult surroundings like construction sites.

It not only received great attention, but also the Bauma innovation award in the Design category. Will Equipment Operators Become Redundant ? The E-II single-tube linear unit is an all-rounder for format adjustment. Just in time for the Hanover trade fair, the stainless steel version of the popular actuator is now available in the common sizes 30 and 40. INTEGRA is on a mission to revolutionize the world of pipetting, engaging with its customers to understand the challenges faced by today’s laboratories. VOYAGER is the only electronic multichannel pipette offering automatic adjustment of tip spacing at the touch of a button for maximum flexibility.

CNC Vision Measuring Machine CV series are automated type non-contact optical measurement device, it is with beautiful and generous structure. Combined with our CNC metrology software, the inspect device can achieve batch measurement with high efficiency. The thermal protector series – TP1 thermal protector is distributed by Hengxin Precision Electrical Equipment Co. Airbus announced a patent application for a large-scale additive manufacturing process that could make it possible to 3D print complete airplanes, from the fuselage to the wings and the doors using technologies similar to selective laser sintering.

It is when the part cools down that this innovation gets interesting. Differential cooling of the layers causes the part to bend or curve in a particular way. Are We Ready to 3D Print Entire Planes? Extracting the planet’s natural resources is becoming autonomous and smart to optimize cost-effectiveness. More productive and efficient, safer and less environmentally damaging. Those are the four elements driving transformation of the mining industry through the introduction of new technology.

When BMW decided to build a new all-electric production vehicle, they knew there was little point in creating a sustainable car unless they followed the same philosophy at every stage of process. To achieve this, they required the right facility. A Sustainable Leap in Leipzig Zero-emission cars often hide a dark secret—the environmental cost of building an electric vehicle sometimes outweighs the sustainability benefits. BMW wanted to avoid this when they planned their i models.

Jochen Mueller is BMW’s Head of Communications at Leipzig, Germany, where the BMW i3 was built. Located in Russia, the Prirazlomnaya Platform is the first Arctic-class ice-resistant oil platform in the world, with an extraction capacity of 70 million barrels a year. The platform can resist extreme conditions—ice, corrosion, humidity—and offers 90 days of autonomous operation in case of bad weather. This infographic presents some of the major construction advantages that make this gigantic platform—its upper deck is as big as two football fields ! With hazards ranging from vehicle collisions to explosions and fire, oil and gas companies employ different tools to improve safety.

As is true of any industrial process, finding, producing, transporting and refining the oil and gas so essential to the global economy are all potentially hazardous activities. Dominik Boesl: We believe there are 4 revolutions in robotics. The first one is what we have been doing for 40 years—how to weld and glue a car together as fast as possible. When the orange giant lifts a car it appears to be as light as a feather. KUKA’s KR 1000 1300 Titan PA robot is strong enough to lift up to 1. The 1000 kilogram version was introduced as the world’s most powerful industrial robot.

Now, the 1300 model goes further, offering a supplementary payload of 50kg. Its rotational flexibly makes the six-axis robot ideal for palletizing procedures. It was developed to handle heavy and bulky items in the automotive industries. Focusing on IoT and Industrie 4. One highlight was its presentation of the EK9160 IoT Bus Coupler for cloud-based control. Many of their clients are world renowned companies that rely on E-reon to help the further innovation of this market segment.