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InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or what works on wall street fourth edition pdf discussed at this website. Diagnose Concrete Block Foundation Cracks, Leans, Bows, Settlement.

Types of foundation cracks, crack patterns, differences in the meaning of cracks in different foundation materials, site conditions, building history, and other evidence of building movement and damage are described to assist in recognizing foundation defects and to help the inspector separate cosmetic or low-risk conditions from those likely to be important and potentially costly to repair. We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. The underlying problem was in-slope grade at the rear of the home and trapped roof spillage there, causing lots of heavy wet earth pressure on the wall. The home inspector had previously observed water damage at the wall and had correctly assessed the outside conditions. The owners had deferred action to prevent further water damage, leading to an unexpected and sudden precipitous collapse of the foundation after a period of unusually wet weather. Diagonal cracking usually indicates actual vertical movement in the structure or differential settlement: diagonal cracking in masonry structures usually indicates differential settlement, occasionally frost heaves and more rarely the development of a sink hole under or near the foundation. Our photo above, discussed at VERTICAL MOVEMENT IN FOUNDATIONS, illustrates severe structural damage to a concrete block foundation wall.

Closer inspection shows both stair-step cracking and bulging in this wall, probably due to water and frost pressure from outside. The added resistance to movement afforded by the nearby intersecting wall at the corner causes cracking to appear in a stair-step form following the mortar joints in the concrete block or brick whereas the same settlement or heaving forces might have caused more nearly-vertical cracks if they had occurred closer to the center of the wall. 3 of the wall – describing what I think is just this condition. In areas of freezing weather or expansive soils, spilling of a roof drainage system downspout by the building corner may be concentrating water in that location. See DIAGONAL CRACKS in BLOCK FOUNDATIONS, WALLS for details about diagonal cracks in both concret block and poured concrete foundation walls and for advice about evaluating the severity of damage. See DIAGONAL STEP CRACKING in BLOCK or BRICK FOUNDATIONS for more details.

Cracks occurring near foundation corners in a masonry block wall are often from water and frost. In freezing climates, “frost lensing” can cause soil to stick to and lift a building foundation when the ground freezes. These cracks are usually visible in the portion of the concrete block foundtion that remains above grade. 2 of the discussion just above. Horizontal Cracks in Masonry Block Walls Horizontal cracks in a concrete block wall are more immediately threatening of serious collapse than vertical cracks. An assessment of these factors as well as the effect on the rest of the structure are important. The photo at above eft illustrates severe bulging in a concrete block foundation wall.

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