The 2017 Edition of the Summer School is designed for Economics PhD students with an interest in Urban Economics. In addition to those students specialized in Urban Economics, we encourage the participation from PhD students in Labour, Development, Public, Trade and other applied fields who want to improve their knowledge in the field. The objective of the school is twofold: to offer an intensive training program for interested PhD students, and to provide them with the opportunity to present and discuss their own ongoing research with leading researchers in the field in a relaxed and open atmosphere.

The summer school is jointly organized by the Urban Economics Association, the Ecole Polytechnique Economics Department, the Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST), and the Chaire de Développement Durable Ecole polytechnique – EDF.


The summer school is organized by Amine Ouazad, associate professor of economics at Ecole polytechnique, but it could not have happened without the precious support of Weronika Leduc, Ecole polytechnique manager, Lyza Racon, CREST manager, and Sri Srikandan, IT manager.